Last Year's Wrapping Paper

Each year when we receive our Christmas package from my Danish grandparents, my sister and I marvel at the wrapping paper that is almost as old as our grandma. With a soft fabric like quality from years of folding and re-wrapping, some of the prints have been in circulation as long as I can remember. There must have been a wrapping paper sale in 1962 that she has been carefully meting out paper from since. Past tape marks and rips are carefully covered, but often too plentiful to be obscured completely. While I admire her resourcefulness, I am also thankful that the presents inside are always new…I think.

Since it’s been a busy month here at the Bureau, I decided I would take a cue from Grandma. Not worse for the wear, here are five winter wallpapers from last year for use on your digital devices.

All The Future Is New

All The Future Is New wallpaper preview, made from cut out paper Download options for All The Future Is New

Dancing Pole Rats

free wallpaper sample: pole dancing rats Download options for Dancing Pole Rats

White Noise / Let It Snow

Free wallpaper "White Noise / Let it Snow" in blue, silver or charcoal. Download options for White Noise / Let It Snow (three colors available!)

Warm Fuzzies / Cackle Crackle

Warm Fuzzies Free Wallpaper Sample Download options for Warm Fuzzies / Cackle Crackle

Merry, Happy, Joy & Tidings

Merry, Happy, Joy and Tidings wallpaper in peppermint Download options for Merry, Happy, Joy & Tidings (five colors available!)