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  1. Icebreakers Book Update

    Earlier this spring I wrote about a book project called Icebreakers. I worked on the illustrations, cover design, and page templates for members of Postyr Project, who put together icebreaker activities using music, rhythm and sound as the building blocks for interaction. After getting funding to finish up the content and production of the book, it’s for sale now!

    And here are some more illustrations from the project to give you a feel for it.

    Instructional illustrations for actions: stomp foot, clap hands, clap on thigh, snap fingers, foot drag, slide, kick, hand mouth clap, skipping, hopping and clapping, rotate body.

    Instructional illustrations for actions: stomp foot, clap hands, clap on thigh, snap fingers, foot drag, slide, kick, hand mouth clap, skipping, hopping and clapping, rotate body.
  2. The Bureau is Back, Stateside


    The last month has seen cobwebs forming on the Bureau blog, but with good reason. After spending the last two and a half years in Denmark being indoctrinated in minimalistic design, I have moved back to my roots – Oregon. Portland to be exact, a mecca of creatives and a familiar stomping ground. A transatlantic move takes time, effort, and more time, so I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling in August with business HQ reestablished on the west coast.

    Since my last update from abroad, I was able to add a few more notches to my belt of design experiences…

    1. Attended a Dribbble meetup where I pitched my Lemonade Stand for Restaurant Day.
    2. Met the various founders of Forge, and attended their inaugural design event.
    3. Went to a few more museums here, here, here and here.
    4. Found further companionship in the form of officemates at the shared space Hjernestorm and finally at WhoMadeId.
    5. Increased my Danish client roster manifold, including an illustration for an akvavit bottle, rebrand of an interior design group, branding and packaging for a new alarm system product, and branding for modular housing concept company.

    I feel I’ve left Denmark rich with experiences, and while there are many things I will miss about the tiny country of vikings, it’s good to be back stateside. Now I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the designers and makers here. And eating lots of burritos.

  3. Animal Twist Icons

    Having worked on several Danish clients and projects over the last few years, each experience has consistently reminded me of the Scandinavian preference for simplicity. It surprises me every time and if pressed to describe the process on my work it would be something like this – step one: design something as stripped down as possible, step two: strip it down 50% more. Then you have probably achieved Danish minimalism.

    To keep this skill sharp, I decided to practice it on a series of animal icons that (for the most part) employ just lines and twists with a slight shadow to emphasize the two elements. I’m sure it’s still 25% “over the top” if you asked a Dane-off-the-street, but I quite like the effect.

    Here are 4 icons each for water, land, air, and small things from the animal world.


  4. This Happened


    Welcome my daughter, Nova, born May 3rd 2014. Calligraphy by my friend Christa. Expect that Bureau will be less regular in blog activity for a bit as the new project for the moment is motherhood.

  5. Pair of Owls

    Every once in a while I challenge myself to a handmade project. This time it was a pair of owls based on some earlier drawings and inspired by Sarah Goldschadt’s miniature owls. These owls are the supersize version with the addition of floppy wings that are great for playing peekaboo.

    Who who…

    Who who...

    Click here for Sarah’s mini-owlie tutorial.