Technology Used to Find Dinner, Hunger Averted

A recent brush with hunger left a North Bend, Virginia, man shaken, yet thankful for the support of his wide network of digital acquaintances. Local field correspondent Noilly Prat sat down with John Davis to recount the events leading up to his stomach rumbling near-miss.

Davis recounts, “You shouldn’t settle on where you’re going to eat dinner lightly, so I tweeted ‘NEbody know wings joint with HH deals between Woodby street and 6th ave?’ as well as updating my Facebook status to ‘going out to eat tonight, any suggestions?’  After 45 minutes passed without a response I knew I’d have to dig deeper to find my evening meal.

Social networking isn't always on time.

“First, I tried to think of all the places I might like to eat, but nothing seemed quite right. I wanted something light but savory, but not too greasy, with wings on the menu but no cracked peanuts on the floor, and of course a screaming deal on happy hour,” he explained. “That’s not too much to ask, is it?” Continue reading “Technology Used to Find Dinner, Hunger Averted”

Portland Paper City – Stumptown in 3D Papercraft

Portland Paper City is a collaborative paper craft installation organized by Jessie Bazata, Marisa Green, Sean Garrison and Rory Phillips. The show, which will take place at Disjecta, will represent the city of Portland and feature contributions from the community.

I’ve contributed two pieces to the show, which will open this Saturday, March 5th from 6-9PM, and run through March 26th. Disjecta is located at 8371 N Interstate Ave, and the gallery is open Friday through Sunday 12–5pm. Here is a sneak peek of a curbside pony and recycled rain…

Finally, a chance to use all those hours I spent as a child drawing horses!
What do 6 gluesticks and a Yellow Pages amount to? Lots of recycled rain.

My Gift To Santa: Pole Rats

free wallpaper sample: pole dancing rats

Free Wallpaper Week at the Bureau is wrapping up. Today’s wallpaper features Rascal, Ratty and Rufus – three very talented pole dancing rats. Inspired by the pet rats I had as a child and some party straws that a friend gave me, this one doesn’t make much sense. But it’s fun to look at. You’re welcome, Santa, now bring me that dobro I wished for!

Download “Pole Rats” in the following sizes:

320 x 480 (iphone) •  640 x 960 (iphone4) •  1024 x 1024 (ipad)
1440 x 900 (laptop) •  1600×1200 (full screen) •  2560×1600 (wide screen)

Please share these wallpapers following the guidelines of the Creative Commons “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives” license. Basically, you can share the heck out of these, but always remember to attribute the source and please don’t alter or sell the art. Thanks!

One Bit Emotion

I took part in a training course at Xplane recently where we learned about super duper accelerated sketching techniques that can be used in meetings to summarize complex ideas in real-time. One of the Xplane designers, Tim May, gave us tips on how to use just 3 different types of lines to create a range of emotions. Super simple, one bit emotion. Sometimes that’s all you need to get a point across.