The Early Years: 1981-1989, A Retrospective Told in Buttons and Pins

Kermit the Frog, I Partied at Pietro's, Oh Happy Day, I Got My Shot, Bee Happy, a bear with balloons, a monkey with a green bowtie, a blue ice cream cone, a pink T-Rex, a pinker brontosaurus, a unicorn with a "G" on it, Boss Snoopy

During a recent basement cleaning, I came upon my childhood button collection. Looking at my buttons from days gone by, I wondered…would they reveal anything about my childhood that I had forgotten? Would they say anything about my current state, 20 years later? Given the current button craze, how would my buttons stack up? Was it time to finally purge my button collection, two decades too late?

Any which way, I wanted to spend a little more time with my buttons, so I compiled my favorites (namely, the ones I actually remember) into a mini-autobiography…see the full collection.