Photos from Danmark, Issue V – A Parisian Interlude

One of the benefits of living in Danmark is the easy access to all those other European countries. Since Daneland pretty much shuts down in July due to its’ inhabitants strict observance of taking AS MUCH VACATION AS POSSIBLE, I decided to partake as well by spending 5 days in Paris. “Just 5 days off?” my co-workers asked me incredulously. “That’s ALL?”. Yes, and it was fantastic. So instead of photos from Danmark, here is documentation of my time in Paris, divided into the categories of found art and fancy art (you know, art in a museum).

Found Art

Patterned garage door graffiti. Found in central Paris.
...yeah, for those who know how to work wormholes. And kern. Wall art in east Paris.

Spaghetti typography makes me want to eat spaghetti on a white plate on a checkered tablecloth.
Land boat protection system against inconsiderate Paris drivers. Practical everyday art.
Kissing twins. Wall art on Rue Rambuteau.
Recycled chipboard collage by Antoine Graff at Galerie 208 Chicheportiche

Fancy Art

Moment before impact. Art from the Centre Pompidou - "La band du grand Albert, quarter Italie" by Brassai.
Centrifugal paint. Art from the Centre Pompidou - "Centre de dominance" by Judit Reigl.
Circular grid. Art from the Centre Pompidou - uncited artist, oooh I was a bad documenter. And it looks like I really really like circles.
Horse enters the colored side of the TV. Art from the Centre Pompidou - "Sans titre" by Troels Worsel.
Crossing conversations. Art from the Centre Pompidou - by Jan Mancuska.
Charcoal cracked landscape. Art from the Centre Pompidou - "Grande cretto nero" by Alberto Burri.
A fellow museum goer remarked that this looked like dog poop. I replied, "Do you know how hard it is to make a blotch or splotch look exactly how you want it to?!". I'm also worried about what kind of dogs this person has encountered. Art from the Centre Pompidou - "Lothaire se demet de la Haute-Lorraine en faveur d'Othon" by Georges Mathieu.
The Black Hole family portrait series. Art from the Centre Pompidou - another uncited artist, oh dear.
Note to self: must train harder as the last rider in the Tour de France doesn't get much attention. Art from the Centre Pompidou - "Au cycliste" by Jean Helion.