Oui, Oui: Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween I dressed up as Avant Garde French Toast. It was a subtle costume, and not exactly a crowd pleaser. There were a few French Toast embracers, but for the most part it was a flop. It wasn’t a pop culture reference, gory or scary, a knight or a princess. It wasn’t an outfit that had been “sexified” with skimpy college-era duds (although one person told me that “Sexy French Toast” would have been a better outfit). It didn’t fit into a category, and that doomed my Toastness to strange stares and obligatory “ah, haaaa, hmm, yeah OK, I get it”. I guess my outfit was more avant garde than I expected.

So, I figured I would make my first foray into creating moving pictures and shoot a short short about it. I even wrote a part for my dog Lucy, who turned out to be the consummate professional on set.

3 comments on “Oui, Oui: Halloween 2010

  1. As someone who has dressed up as the mesozoic era and tried to explain that to people, I commiserate with you and your not-so-scary, not-so-sexy, but terribly creative in a subtle way costume idea. Also, kudos on this lovely avant garde French silent film. Love it!

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