Mustache Finger Once Removed

In preparation for attending my friend Michael’s beard art show “Keep Portland Beard” at the Tribute Gallery, I created this little accessory so I would fit in. Michael writes the blog Beard Revue, so he was the perfect person to curate such a show. Portland is full of the hip sort that sport facial hair with varying levels of irony, so a take on the mustache finger was just what I needed to blend into the crowd!

Mustache on a stick.
I present you the mustache on a hand on a stick or "stick of irony".
A finger mustache on a cut-out paper hand.
How to be an ironic hipster and ironic at the same time.

3 comments on “Mustache Finger Once Removed

  1. You could have interchangeable images, like a moustache, a nose ring, a mole, nose hair… all kinds of things made out of that plastic static cling stuff that sticks but doesn’t stick to the finger proper.

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