Mr. Rankin’s Foolproof Bird Guide

Since you now know about my friend Mark’s wily ways, you’ll understand the motivation behind my Father’s Day present this year. Like every other dutiful 7-year-old daughter, I drew my Dad a picture.

My Dad is retired and one of his joys is to watch birds from our Central Oregon home. A bird book and binoculars are always perched at the living room bay windows which look out on no less than 3 bird feeders and a bird bath.

When Mark discovered Mr. Rankin’s love of bird watching, it took him about .00017 seconds to find a way to torment him with the very thing he enjoyed. While standing at the window Mark would shout “Wow, check out those birds!” to the effect of Mr. Rankin scrambling to the window to see whatever winged creatures were available. Of course, there was never a bird in sight as Mark stood by and took pleasure in my Dad’s gutted reaction to the bleak, birdless landscape.

So, for Father’s Day this year I made my Dad a foolproof digital bird guide, so no matter what Mark does, my Dad can always have some birds to watch. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Mr. Rankin's Foolproof Bird Guide to Central Oregon: Bluejay, American Gold Finch, Mountain Chickadee, Red-Winged Blackbird, California Quail, Woodpecker, Rufous Hummingbird. Use Year Round - Rain or Shine - Mark Proof. Add all-purpose bird seed for best results.

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  1. Mette,
    I can’t stand how cute you and your ideas and your writing and your designs are. Stop it. My head will explode.
    – Genevieve
    (p.s. don’t stop!)

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