Bar Gelato Logo and Packaging

I looooooooooove to work on food identity and packaging, so when Substance contacted me to help work on a new gelato product, I was psyched! Their long-time client Gelateria Naia was preparing to unveil a gelato in bar form, and needed branding to support their pilot efforts. While Substance managed the project, marketing and created the Bar Gelato website, I was focused on making a custom logotype and labels for their first run in stores.

After lots of sketching, we agreed a “just gelato” approach was best, using a simple and bold type treatment reminiscent of window signage. Orange worked two shifts as a bright and cheerful color that stood out against the bars while nodding to colors used in Naia’s branding.

Created from a scanned type sample called Kent Sans, and altered generously to become Bar Gelato.

To get into the gelato mindset wasn’t hard, as I often think of what’s for dessert after I’ve finished lunch. And I was in luck, because Naia had sent Substance a batch of sample gelato bars, which I nabbed six of for a personal tasting session. And thus began the Great Gelato Hoarding of 2011. Knowing that I only had a limited supply, each night I cut 1″ chunks off of each bar and then stapled shut the cellophane wrapper to keep it fresh for the next “serving”. Out of 6 bars, I made about 30 mini-desserts (except for the hazelnut bar which I ate in one sitting because I couldn’t help myself). These gelato bars are the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in a while!

Nom, nom, nom. There are plenty more flavors in a select central coast California Whole Foods.

The first roll-out of Bar Gelato in San Francisco and other Central Coast California locations has gone very well, and I encourage any of you Californians to stop into a Whole Foods to try a bar or two. OR, buy some and put them in one of those styrofoam coolers made for shipping things like special Danish hotdogs or other perishables, and send them to me. I will take gooood care of them, I promise.

Label close-up and gelato bar seal quartet.

Thanks for having me, Substance…and to any other artisan food creators out there who provide samples to inspire their designers – bring it on!

Gulden Draak Vintage Bottle

Gulden Draak Vintage beer. White coated beer bottle with a golden pig/seal/submarine animal catching snowflakes on its tongue.

This summer in Danmark my uncle uncharacteristically pulled out a non-pilsner while we were having happy hour. The moment my eyes spied the bottle the part in my brain devoted to cool design lit up. The whole bottle except for the lip is coated in white and the label has a strange seal/pig/submarine animal wildly catching snowflakes on its tongue.

Catching snowflakes with vigor. Deadly vigor.

My dear old dad saw the halo of design joy surrounding this bottle, and took the bottle home with him so that this Christmas, what was waiting for me under the tree? Gulden Draak Vintage! If any a bottle were to get me to drink beer, this would be it. As the Danes would say: skål!

Noilly Prat and Isabel Branco

You might have seen the vintage liqueur bottles my neighbors brought me a while back; here are a few more that didn’t seem to fit in with the first batch.

Noilly Prat and Isabel Branco, vintage liquor bottles that might best you in a showdown.
Noilly Prat and Isabel Branco: two mean mofos in the miniature alcohol bottle world.

Noilly Prat and Isabel Branco seem like the alcohol version of Bonnie and Clyde in comparison to the Crema Liqueur series. If they met in dark alley, I have no doubt Noilly would off the Sabor de Platano without a second thought. Upon further scrutiny it turns out Noilly Prat is a French company that uses floofy flourishes all over their website. I’m guessing that means the “t” in Prat is silent, which negates most of the badass connotations. That ALSO means that Noilly PraT (emphasis on the “T) is up for grabs (just like the URL

Therefore, let it be known that I claim Noilly Prat as a pen name for times when I need go undercover to tell tales like Turkey: 1, Mormon Boyfriend: 0. Like all legendary duos, Noilly needs a comrade, so I am hereby seeking an Isabel Blanco to be my partner in crime. The position is currently undefined (I’m imagining we can have cheese eating contests, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Musical, and see what a turtle on roller skates can accomplish if they set their mind to it) and will stay open until filled.

Noilly Prat, quickdraw.
Noilly Prat, quick draw, seeks partner in crime.

Isabel Branco, sharp shooter.
Be my Isabel Branco.