What Not to Wear?

Not every day can be a fashion hole-in-one; I thought it was OK to tuck my teal sweatpants into my cowboy boots until I was fourteen. Admittedly, middle school was not kind to me. Luckily those days have passed, but traces of my oblivious self still remain, and made a reappearance when I emerged Sunday morning in my special Sunday outfit.

Within 0.3 seconds my husband bleated in dismay. I think his exact words were “No, no, no…no, nooooooo!” He bullied, he cajoled, he pleaded with me to change into something more norm-pleasing. But I was adamant. My beloved puff paint souvenir t-shirt from my 4th grade birthday party was not going to be shoved to the bottom of the drawer. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Drawing this outfit in pen and ink just wouldn’t do it justice, so I went the extra mile to give you this graphic representation of my technicolor fashion clash.

purple long sleeve shirt, puff paint shirt from my 4th grade birthday party, design nerd sweatshirt, indescribably pink corduroys, Tiffany Blue Jack Purcells, brown "dogs of the world" socks
I rode Portland's Sunday Parkways in this outfit. I estimate about 750 people saw me. At least.

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  1. I remember that birthday party! Sadly I no longer own mine, nor would I even remotely be able to fit into it!

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