Sketchbook Project print for sale

Several years ago I participated in the Sketchbook Project. My submission was a derivative on the theme adhere to me and I made a book titled “Things that Stick”. You can see it in its entirety here.

After many years of mobile tours and growing the Sketchbook Project, an online shop of selected spreads has been opened at The Brooklyn Art Library, touted as the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. And one of my illustrations is included! It is one of my more minimal pages of the character Label Head. Poor Label Head has an entire short story written about him on index cards that is sitting in the second drawer of my office stuff. Maybe I should take him back out and finish that up. At least for now he is immortalized and available for sharing with others.


I’ve also chosen to donate all artist proceeds (30%) to helping low-income schools get their own library of sketchbooks.