Portrait Sketch 1

I don’t sketch in my free time. I don’t have a sketchbook I’m always doodling in. I don’t go out and observe my surroundings with a pencil in hand. I only sketch for money, on projects that have a process and an end result. Bad, bad designer! Which from a creative standpoint doesn’t allow for much exploration. Sad, sad designer!

That’s why I force myself to be spontaneous by inviting friends over to creative nights at my house, where I must be stationed at a table and peer pressured into creating something during the time at hand. Go, go designer!

At a recent creative night I revisited my drawing focus as a 14-year-old, when I had just come out of a 7-year horse drawing phase and moved on to people’s faces. A true sketch, drawn from no reference.

pencil sketch without eyes, in school portrait layout format

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