Pioneer Rabbit and Danish Dynamite

Last night fifty competitors raced in the Stumptown 40 pinewood derby car competition, and me and my pioneer rabbit were right in the thick of it.

It was a night of competition, camaraderie and old fashioned fun. Seeing the different car designs, from a classic racer to a gumby-shaped car, was a spectacular study in homegrown aesthetics. My friends Laura and Scott made cars that looked like a pantone swatchbook and a wedge of cheese, respectively.

I gave my car the moniker Danish Dynamite, from the chant “We are red, we are white, we are Danish dynamite!”. My sister and I were the only two people at Spirit of 77 who knew the chant, so it was a small cheering section indeed. My entry fared well initially, but was finally ousted in the consolation bracket by a car shaped like a bottle of ketchup. Ahh, well, you can’t beat the condiments.

My car Danish Dynamite and driver Pioneer Rabbit make quite the pair!

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