Goodie Monster T-Shirt

Update June 4, 2012: The next steps for the Goodie Monster are to find a home in a Portland area school, to make an impact at a local level directly with kids by providing a framework for eating healthily. Check out the Goodie Monster on Facebook, or contact Mark Jacobs for more information at

Mark Jacobs and I are in the midst of a Kickstarter effort to make more Goodie Monsters, so we are offering rewards for people who support the project. This reward is a gray American Apparel T-shirt with a hungry monster character on it. Locally screen-printed in Portland, Oregon, the shirt is available in Men’s, Women’s, and Toddler/Youth sizes.

Is he waiting for cherries and plums to fall from the sky into his gaping maw? Is he letting out a giant monster burp after having eaten too many fig bars? Is he merely bellowing his appreciation of healthy snacks? All of the above! To get a monster t-shirt and support us, check out the campaign on Kickstarter.

American Apparel gray t-shirt with Goodie Monster character screen printed on it.
Goodie Monster practicing the tried and true "baby bird" maneuver.
He must have practiced a lot of yoga to get into this position.
Goodie Monster says it with fuzzy type.