Goodie Monster Limited Edition Toy

Update June 4, 2012: The next steps for the Goodie Monster are to find a home in a Portland area school, to make an impact at a local level directly with kids by providing a framework for eating healthily. Check out the Goodie Monster on Facebook, or contact Mark Jacobs for more information at

As part of our efforts to raise money to create more Goodie Monsters, we are offering rewards for people who back the effort. This reward is a 3″ custom designed miniature replica of the Goodie Monster with moveable arms, produced by Crazy Label. To get 1 of 100 toys produced and support the project, check out the campaign on Kickstarter.

Initial sketches for the Goodie Monster toy.
Toy prototype master skins from Crazylabel.
Colored toy prototype - a very hungry but not very intimidating Goodie Monster.
Colored toy prototype - if there are two Goodie Monsters, fist bumps happen.