French Owls

A while back I attended the inaugural craft evening of Craftenhagen, organized by designer, blogger and fellow US-expat-in-Copenhagen Brittany Watson Jepsen who writes The House That Lars Built. The first Craftenhagen guest was Sarah Goldschadt, who is a crafter of many things and has a book coming out soon about just that. The project was to make some little stuffed owls.

Owlie craft project made by Sarah Goldschadt.

I was only able to attend half of the session, so my owls ended up being hurried and therefore lopsided. One owl looked like it had a facial tic and the other was losing stuffing from the moment I made it. But the little owls were so cute that I had to finish them in my own way – by making a picture of them.

Click image to zoom.
One French owl shouting OUI filled with patterns and textures. Oh, and kind of hovering above a branch. French owls don't actually touch branches, they just hover above them.
One owl.
A smitten French owl whispering OUI filled with patterns and textures.
Two owls.

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