Denmark, Country of Smiles and Peace

While visiting Denmark this summer I went to Den Gamle By in Arhus where there was a travel poster display. “Genkendelsens Gl├Žde” is a collection of classic Danish posters from the 20s-90s. When we walked unknowingly into the exhibition hall I heard my sister say “Uh, oh, we’re going to be here forever…”. I only wish. Below is one of the better pictures I could take, and also a good summation of my childhood memories of this tiny country.

Danish Tourism Poster: Denmark, Country of Smiles and Peace - a young girl riding on the front of a woman's bicycle

The Danish Poster Museum has a partial digital archive of the collection, as well as some reproductions of various posters in large format postcards that are for sale.

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  1. Awesome. That’s how my daughter rides, in Portland. Just like your poster, come to life. Smiling, wise beyond her age. Though I can’t get my wife in those tunic dress thingies, got to work on that.

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