Danish Supermarket Reductive

There is a giant plastic bag culture in Denmark stemming from people recycling what they consider the “expensive expenditure” of buying supermarket bags. Bags are used again and again, not only for groceries but to freight clothes and other items from A to B, to cover bicycle seats from the elements, and even as poor-man’s galoshes on a rainy day. I’ve seen a grown and respectable business man arrive to the office with a Netto bag on one foot, and a Rema 1000 bag on the other. His fine leather shoes were spic and span – no shame in bagging your feet.

These bags, and their graphic designs, are ubiquitous, so I thought I would try and distill the various supermarket logos into their simplest but still recognizable form. Can you guess all eight?

Danish supermarket logos reduced to their simplest recognizable form: SuperBest, Lidl, Kvickly, Spar, Irma, Føtex, Netto, Rema 1000.
Can you identify these Danish supermarket logos reduced to their simplest recognizable form?

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  1. Super Best
    Rema 1000

    I really like the super best one!

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