A Night at the Drive-In

Now that summer is firmly in place we decided to take a road trip and enjoy a movie at the drive-in with a few friends. Even though we arrived over an hour early (and on a Sunday, no less), the lot was nearly full when we got there.

We found a spot and set up our lawn chairs lickety-split, and then ventured over to the snack stand where they had lots of fun movie posters from days gone by.

Another movie goer arrived in a vintage Edsel convertible, which had to make a less than graceful 12-point-turn to fit into the spot two doors down from our encampment. Apparently the Edsel was a colossal and historically noted failure in the car world, but nowadays they can fetch upwards of $100,000 because there are so few of them. I asked the nice man driving the Edsel if I could take a few pictures, and he said OK…

After reading about the Edsel, I decided to see what the internet had to offer and found some fun retro car ads. Too bad they didn’t work for the poor Edsel the first time around.

After playing Trivial Pursuit for an hour everybody in the lot started honking their horns, which signaled the start of the movie. After a few trailers and singing the Star Spangled Banner we finally got what we came for: a dusk viewing of Toy Story 3 on the big screen in Newberg.

2 comments on “A Night at the Drive-In

  1. Ahhh, yes, the Edsel. What a flop. How exciting , a drive-in, hmmm, should the old geezer tell a few experiences at the drive-in? Probably not. Love Dad

  2. We just drove past this last weekend and made a mental note to come back for a flick. Drive-ins are the best! Thanks for an awesome preview to confirm our future plans.

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