et cetera, A BLOG

  1. Piano! Push Play!

    Each year I usually tackle one side project that takes me off the beaten path of my typical work-for-hire jobs. This year, I painted a piano. It is now out in the world for anybody to play thanks to the group Piano! Push Play!. Stop by Cathedral Park (until July 14th), or other parks it will inhabit in the future, to give it a spin. Keep Reading

  2. Me and My Pioneer Rabbit, Finding Timmy

    The lingering strains of the intro song for Lassie were still ringing in my ears when my rabbit happened into an eery mirror of Timmy falling into the well. Feeling desperately inadequate with his nose twitching skills and feet thumping signals, he waited with increasing anxiousness at the side of the well. What if nobody came to the rescue, and why oh why can’t rabbits bark? Keep Reading