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  1. More Icebreakers Book Illustrations

    Here are more illustrations for the Icebreakers book I’ve posted about previously. Drawing people can be time consuming, but in this case we substituted the painstaking details such as faces, hands and feet for colors and patterns on bendy-bodies that were easy to contort into many shapes without needing to be realistic. Keep Reading

  2. Outfit No. 62

    Hand me down black shirt dress spiffed up with a skinny tan leather belt – good for hot days. / It is best to wear tights under a dress when bicycling – these are mustard yellow and a bit too tight for lunch out. / Teal 50′s-style hair wrap I bought in London and lost while riding my bike to lunch. / Tortoiseshell and yellow shades were a gift from my sister at her wedding. / Camper flats <3. Keep Reading