Hanna Andersson – redraw of the original logo for a national children’s wear company
Well Vegan custom lettered logo for a new online vegan meal plan
Bandwaggon logo for a start-up site for promoting artists of all genres
Bar Gelato hand drawn sign type for gelato brand and packaging
Mister Museum logo for a personal project focused on art and science literacy
Moveable Type inspired by lead type and billboard posters, this logo was made for a printer embarking on a cross-country tour in a van outfitted to teach letterpress classes
Upward Partners logo for a financial consultant
Wordcake wordmark for a small business focusing on writing for the dining industry
Island Mist redesign for Boyd’s Coffee ice tea line
Niel Irson logotype for a traveling musician
Kahuna Gift Company logotype for a Hawaiian-based gift company
Lan Su Chinese Garden redesign for Portland’s Chinese Garden, inspired by Chinese chops and the garden’s layout and flow