Lan Su Chinese Garden

The new Lan Su Chinese Garden visitor guide’s die-cut cover frames original Chinese scroll artwork and an invitation to “enter the wonderland”. Spot illustrations reinforce key elements and themes that educate visitors about another worldview – one that places emphasis on nature to find true meaning. Information is easily found using the always available map flap and tiered index-style pages, making sure visitors don’t feel lost and are easily able to explore every nook and cranny of the garden.

The annual appeal letter is formatted as a long scroll-like document and a bookmark gift is included to encourage the pursuit of being a life long student, a core value of Chinese scholars.

The logo is reminiscent of Chinese chops with a modern twist. The name Lan Su is designed to mimic the structure of the garden’s layout.


logo, naming, visitor guidebook, member materials, fundraising materials, newsletter template, brand guidelines


Norm Sajovie (copywriter), Mike Carina (spot illustration), Chen Jun (scroll artwork)


Sockeye Creative


lead designer

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