Welcome Jen – Yay!

Since striking out on my own, I’ve shared a 3rd floor studio in the Povey Building with a developer, Tim “Schnitzel” Trautmann, and a web designer, Darin “Factor 45” Richardson. And while I enjoy their company and conversation, sometimes it can be a bit much when they’re both grumbling about cucumbers and server modules and database errors.

So I’m happy to say that we’ve finally formed a quartet by adding Jennifer Heuer as our final independent desk renter. Jen is a designer – yay! Jen designs books – yay! Jen is also another girl – yay! Now that Jen is here, the girls outnumber boys 3 to 2 (if you count Lucy). I have yet to give Jen a nickname, but these things take time, you know. And if you see Jen around town, say YAY!

Check out some of Jen’s work at www.jenniferheuer.com.

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