Make Cupcakes, Not War

A while back I received an unsolicited email from someone named Johnny Cupcakes. At first I thought it might be a spam ploy to seduce me into depositing money into an offshore account, but after conferring with my buddy Keegan I decided to reply. After all, it was the most well composed and grammar free unsolicited email I’d ever gotten.

Johnny sent me an email…
To which I replied…

And then I went about my daily business. Until today!

I consider myself more of a pie person, but after getting a ton of cupcake shwag I might have to reconsider.

Nice box, Johnny.

Thanks for the umbrella, it will come in handy during Portland's 13 rainy months.
The state of cupcakes.
Secret Cupcake Agent.

I agree: Make Cupcakes, Not War.

Christmas in July - why not?
A July Zolo Monster - just what I needed!

If you’re a cupcake connoisseur check out Johnny’s wares at

4 comments on “Make Cupcakes, Not War

  1. Johnny was here in Seattle last April(?) @ Trophy Cupcakes… Johnny Cupcakes, very similar to Dave’s Quality Meat in NYC; Johnny needs more bacon in those cupcakes.

  2. Do you remember we went into a Johnny Cupcakes when we were in Boston! We were in the market for actual cupcakes, however, and I still don’t appreciate getting the ole’ switcheroo.

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