Veggie Picnic

I’m an omnivore – if it tastes good, yes please. But for some reason I am surrounded by herbivores (also known as vegetarians), and even further along on the scale of consumers, vegans. It makes eating together with friends and family a game of mix and match.

Meat, no meat? Dairy, no dairy? Beer that might possibly have touched a fish scale in the process of being made, or beer that has not? And then there are the people who only eat popcorn.

Being surrounded by such a diverse group of eaters definitely makes you think twice about the menu, especially when you arrive for a Danish Christmas dinner with 7 courses of meat topped off with a dairy laden dessert. It isn’t easy being a green-lover sometimes. So for all of those who are, here is a veggie picnic.


Logo for Michela Fabiani Coaching

Here is a small logo project I made for an acquaintance, Michela Fabiani, who recently made a career transition into business and life coaching. Based on client provided themes, the final logo is an abstract stair stepped path symbolizing the road her clients travel to reach new heights. The color scheme was inspired by her sunny and coastal homeland, Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, Italy.

Client website:

Business and life coach logo for Michela Fabiani.
Business and life coach logo for Michela Fabiani.

C is for Cloning

One type of personal side-project I really enjoy working on are series. They are meditative, and you only have to start with an idea to get going. The complexity and depth of the series can be decided over time, and hopefully as the subject gets revisited it comes into focus.

A new series I’ve started is called (as of now) “A Very Brainy Alphabet”. It combines the usual visual suspects of a children’s alphabet series with brainy words that twist it a bit. The first word ready for you to take home and have a discussion with the kiddos about is…cloning.


I can already tell this series will be a challenge, striking the right balance between an interesting brainy word that can also be interpreted without being too dry or literal. Stay tuned to see how it goes!

Native Art

As a break from all the vikings and Danish flags in recent posts, here is some native art from my birth state, Oregon. This WPA-era carving is on the main door to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. The entire Timberline building is a work of craftsmanship – I’ve only ever carved a very blocky gnome figure, so hats off to the artist(s) who carved this.