All Purpose Website Design

You’ll never need to make another wireframe, flow chart, content plan or other such things. That’s right, I have made an all-purpose plug-and-play website design. Merely show it to your client, see which buttons they attempt to push on the printed example, and include those in the design. If you need more Facebook, add Facebook buttons. If users are still confused about how to get back to the ‘homepage’, add another home button. There is even a wildcard slot in case I’ve forgotten something.

Website content design has never been so simple!
Website content design has never been so simple!

Guard Animal Signs

It doesn’t take much to entertain me, so frequently the people closest to me are rewarded with my extra, ahem, ideas. So this is how I ended up making silly Guard Animal signs and posting them on the internet…

One night at dinner, some friends and I focused our conversation on a small bronze snail figurine placed between the salt and pepper shakers and the butter jar. One friend picked it up, noting its heft and pointy feelers. Another friend commented on its hidden abilities to bring an intruder to their knees if used correctly. “We should have a guard snail sign, and we should name him after Emil!” exclaimed another table member, referring to the most amicable of us in the group. DONE and DONE.

You don’t have to tell me twice to make a Guard Snail sign. At the slightest urging I’ll scuttle off and make a whole series of the most terrifying and life-threatening guard creatures ever!

The most feared of all guard animals...
The most feared of all guard animals…

Post the Guard Squirrel on your front door and acorn thiefs will hightail it lickity split. Place the Guard Goldfish on your water closet door and no guest will ever dare leave the room smelling of other than dewdrops and roses. Put the Guard Kitten in your wallet amongst your family photos and pickpockets will walk your pilfered money sleeve to the nearest precinct. GUARANTEED.

All of these Guard Animals are available for download and personal printing in the following PDF files. Each PDF contains all Guard Animals, so find your selected weapon, print the appropriate page and cut out your sign. The signs are smallish, the the impact is large.

Download English “Guard Animal” signs
Download Dansk “Her Vogter Jeg” skilte

guard snail english danish
The classic English caution sign and the original “her vogter jeg” sign inspired by the small but lethal bronze table ornament “Emil the vagt snegl”.

Quill Feather Illustration Series

Twelve illustrated quill pens, each with one word.

The past year has been one of words. After moving from Portland, Oregon to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012 I was surrounded by NEW. How do you describe what is happening? What do you say to people when they ask you inanely expected or intensely personal questions? How do you document the experiment of experiencing so many new things, you can barely keep up? Which ideas survive translation, which fail? Words can be wonderfully specific or frustratingly vague, and vice versa.

The past year was spent doing quite a bit of correspondence writing. On Facebook, in emails and postcards home (yes, the kind you send in the mail), with newfound pen pals…even sending letters in a bottle. And, writing single words accompanied by a feather.

The past year resulted in twelve illustrations of quill pens, the old fashioned way of writing your thoughts. Ink and time define what you can lay on a page, extraneous thoughts are omitted in favor of measured words, exactly the ones you want to use.

Light as a Feather

line drawing feather with various patterns inside the feather, a screen printed background and some splotchy neon green dots. Tasty.

To and Fro

Hand illustrated feather with textures and patterns on a bluish screen print background with neon magenta splotches.

It Tickles

A wavy fluttery feather with lots of fine feathering at the top. The parts are filled with textures of lines and dots and zigs and zags and circles and wholes and patterns on top of a screen print texture and hand stippled background.

Dream Maker

texture and pattern filled peacock inspired feather

Coming Around


Heave Ho

Texture filled feather illustration.

Twist and Shout

TWIST AND SHOUT: "Turn" pattern filled feather with screen print background and watercolor dots.

Splitting Hairs

Black line drawing of a split feather filled with patterns and covered with red watercolor dots.

Crackle and Pop

A 3-part feather illustration where the feather has snapped over. Filled with textures and shown on a screen print texture background with watercolor splotches.

As A Bird

line drawn feather with patterns and textures in the feather parts, overlaid with multi-color watercolor textures

Double Edged

One short of a dozen, here is another pattern filled quill feather. The watercolor accents hover at the tip, floating upwards in hope and lightness.

And In The End…

Swirling and patterned feather with a windy shaft and six peacock eyes.