Kæmpe Pålæg Packaging

When my roommate brought home this kæmpe pålæg chokolade and a giant loaf of fresh french bread, then offered that I have some, I nearly squealed in delight. Oh wait, I did squeal in delight.

First off, these small thin pieces of chocolate hold special memories for me…my Danish grandmother would always let my sister and I have a special treat sandwich after our regular lunch of rye bread and pickled herring that consisted of pålæg chokolade on a buttered piece of white bread. In our minds and bellies this was a slice of heaven on top of a slice of heaven, and we called it a Mormor Mad (grandmother sandwich).

Secondly, look at that packaging! Unabashedly simplistic and retro in all the right ways: a strong diagonal and utilitarian color palette, rad Danish letters, and exactly duplicate front and back designs (who needs to know more than that this small cardboard box contains LARGE DARK CHOCOLATE TO PUT ON SANDWICHES?).

I love it. I wish it were a poster. Maybe it will be someday.

Tom's kæmpe pålæg mørk chokolade, chocolate pieces for putting on white bread.

Photos from Danmark, Issue III

The archetype of a Danish man. Stately, although difficult to engage in conversation.
Where the Royal Family hangs out. Lucky them, but surely they could afford some better kerning?
Little metal chickens hopping up to heaven - photo of art inside a shop.
LOOK FORWARD TO A SAFE TIME - exhibit at Gl. Strand "Mit Navn er Jørgen Leth".
A funeral.
Summer clouds look like an ice flow in reverse.

Update from the Bureau Abroad

Scandinavian Airlines: the most prompt airline in all of Europe. Yep, that's their tagline.

It’s been 3 months since I took a leap and moved the Bureau abroad to Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, I’ve worked on projects with US clients in Portland and New York, launched a Kickstarter campaign, and spent countless hours getting the Bureau up to speed in a new country, which includes but is not limited to:

1. Accountant to explain the Danish Tax Burden to me: check.
2. Danish Design Association networking events up the wazoo: check.
3. Sharing office space with the kind folks at Wemind: check.
4. Going to lots of museums: check, check, check.

And then…
5. My first Danish design gig: check!!!

This is the first big payoff after quite a bit of nose-to-the-grindstone time. I will be working with a small local design studio called Bessermachen to help design a series of chocolate packaging. Plus, I get a meal ticket for their lunch plan where steaming hot lunch is served promptly at noon every day. If this isn’t a dream gig, I don’t know what is. Last year Brandhouse & Bessermachen’s “Chocolates with Attitude” make a big splash on the packaging design circuit, so this year will be a good challenge to help Creative Director Kristin Brandt make the 3rd edition just as great.

Bessermachen focuses solely on packaging design, which is one of my true design loves (in addition to designing for books, food and travel). Plus, Bessermachen pretty much means “make it better” in German – I think this is what you call kismet?

Bessermachen's "Chocolate with Attitude" series from last year - pin up girl tins each with their own flavor of custom made chocolate. Sign me up for taste testing!