Monster Jeff

Monster Jeff is an enigma and constantly full of contradictions – he can’t even decide what shade of brown to be! To sum this monster up I would call him sweet yet bellowing. Not many make such an effort to get their point across that one of their eyes bulges out of their furry monster forehead.

Monster Jeff measures 5.5 x 7.5 inches and was made using 39 cent felt squares, stuffed animal eyes and faux fur fabric wrapped around the back/stand portion of IKEA’s Ribba picture frame. The stand was left over from my original monster portraits, which only used the frame portion.

Horizon at Kalø Slot

This is the only picture I took over a 2 week trip to Danmark this December. Not very representative, as the winters in Denmark are cold, dark, colder, and darker, with only about 6 hours of daylight and rain that drives at you from the top the side AND the bottom. This wonderful walk to visit Kalø Slot was a slice of reprieve, and probably another fraction adding to the mythic allure of Denmark as the country of smiles and peace.

The Intertwine

The Intertwine is the Portland Metro area’s ever-growing network of parks, trails and natural areas. By connecting people to the nature around them, even in an urban environment, The Intertwine improves the daily lifestyle of Portland citizens. A modular “patchwork” design spans easily from web and print to signage applications. Iconic illustrations speak to the natural diversity The Intertwine offers and accessible, playful language evokes the simple pleasure of being outdoors.

Project Scope: logo, illustration, brand booklet, brand guidelines, website, map, signage, collateral, t-shirt

Designed while at Sockeye Creative, manifesto copywriting by Mark Waggoner

Between Here and There

A few weeks ago a friend and I were talking about the fractions of life – how events can shift your course depending on the smallest difference in circumstance or how you handle a situation. I feel this acutely every time I walk around my work neighborhood in Portland, a pocket between the Pearl and Chinatown. In the Pearl, well-to-dos get their nails buffed and highlights touched up, while a few blocks away in Chinatown down-on-their-lucks wait in line for a bowl of soup.

Fractions are funny, my friend and I agreed, in that they are intangible and hard to measure until the repercussions of an action are fully unfurled, and sometimes only become apparent when you stack each fraction of change on top of the other. I am somewhere between these two worlds of well-to-do and down-on-my-luck, but walking the line down 5th Street in Chinatown makes me wonder how many steps there actually are, between here and there. #occupywallstreet

Adidas Mega

Illustrations created for a 2011 Adidas in-store display and launch of a new line of shoes were inspired by a diner theme. Photography included BoB as a diner employee serving fresh Original Adidas Mega shoes diner customers. In-store displays included stainless refrigerator boxes to display the shoes.

Created for Liquid / Creative Director Dave Williams

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Well Vegan (Hold the Pickled Herring)

The most recent project I’ve been working on, Well Vegan, just launched at the New Year. I enjoy eating healthy food frequently and on a regular basis, so when my friend Katie asked if I would help make it easier for vegans to do the same, I jumped on board. I’m not a vegan, but I have some vegan friends, and seeing some of them struggle with finding a variety of things to make that were also meeting their nutritional needs made this project hit close to home. Katie’s personal motivation to start Well Vegan stemmed from having her young daughter suffer from food allergies that were only ameliorated by switching to a vegan diet.

The first task was to create a logo for Well Vegan. After a short design brainstorm, the theme of “it’s in the greens” bubbled to the top, and resulted in a happy pea pod bursting with, well, veganism.

Well Vegan logo in various color ways.

The second and main task was to design a website. Katie wanted the site to reflect her healthy, simple, and homespun take on veganism. Visually, this is reflected by using the approachable and versatile font Skolar alongside rough-edged and spare illustrations.

The font Skolar pared with a simple illustration style.

Basically, Well Vegan is a repository of vegan recipes that are partnered with shopping lists and weekly meal plans that take all the hassle out of planning how you are going to sustain yourself. Sure, some people take joy in shopping and figuring out each and every meal, but others just want to get the job done without spending hours poring over recipe books and making lists. Using Well Vegan for $9.99 a month gives you all the tools necessary for eating home-cooked meals most every day. And if that’s what it takes for some vegans to eat healthier on a regular basis, I’m all for it.

How the Well Vegan plan works. Pretty simple, and then you're full. Also, beets are pretty rad.

Some people might have the misconception that vegan food is bland, but with the right recipes it can be anything but. A series of illustrations were made to let the ingredients take center stage and focus on the uncomplicated nature of the vegan diet. I’m not sure eating a tofu cube that large is realistic, but it gets the point across! Send me some giant chopsticks and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Food for giants! Or very hungry vegans!

I even got to use my new favorite phrase on the error screen, making this my favorite error screen second only to the consolation trout I made for Under the Table with Jen.

If you’re interested in checking out the site and what Well Vegan has to offer, visit, or follow them on twitter at @wellvegan.

Fictive Reality by Gregory Crewdson

While in Danmark over the holidays I visited the National Library in Copenhagen to see a photography exhibit by Gregory Crewdson. The library is nicknamed “The Black Diamond” after its 1999 addition of black marble that juts over the water. Split up the center of the coal structure are undulating balconies that connect the inside of the library to the outside harbor seamlessly. Moving back through the library is like peeling back the skin of an onion, as the more historic section of the library is fully intact and like stepping through a time warp to a century ago.

Photos of the library by Jan Lykke.

Outside view of the library at night.
Looking into the library and up the channel that connects the new addition to the old building.

I was vaguely familiar with Crewdson’s work beforehand, knowing that his signature was to create elaborately produced photos. The exhibit was a great mix of showing the process he uses to set up his scenes (much like filming a movie with constructed sets, fake snow and fog machines) and a wide range of his work (from photos of Americana to ghost towns to fireflies). While I personally subscribe more closely to a “keep it real” policy, Crewdson’s ability to finely tune the details of a scene to the nth degree is exquisite. While these hyper-realistic scenes are entirely staged fiction, the talent to envision these photos is nothing but real. Here are a few photos from the exhibit that made me shiver, aptly named “In A Lonely Place”. Continue reading “Fictive Reality by Gregory Crewdson”