Technology Used to Find Dinner, Hunger Averted

A recent brush with hunger left a North Bend, Virginia, man shaken, yet thankful for the support of his wide network of digital acquaintances. Local field correspondent Noilly Prat sat down with John Davis to recount the events leading up to his stomach rumbling near-miss.

Davis recounts, “You shouldn’t settle on where you’re going to eat dinner lightly, so I tweeted ‘NEbody know wings joint with HH deals between Woodby street and 6th ave?’ as well as updating my Facebook status to ‘going out to eat tonight, any suggestions?’  After 45 minutes passed without a response I knew I’d have to dig deeper to find my evening meal.

Social networking isn't always on time.

“First, I tried to think of all the places I might like to eat, but nothing seemed quite right. I wanted something light but savory, but not too greasy, with wings on the menu but no cracked peanuts on the floor, and of course a screaming deal on happy hour,” he explained. “That’s not too much to ask, is it?” Continue reading “Technology Used to Find Dinner, Hunger Averted”

Calling All Timbers Fans!

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Jelly Helm Studio working on two giant fan murals for the Portland Timbers. You’ve probably seen the official billboards and branding around town, and soon there will be a billboard featuring four fans chosen through popular vote by the general public.

When the namesake of the studio first told me about the project I had about 3,817 internal conniption fits thinking about the size of file it would generate, and then got down to it. Which meant placing photos of 1,200 soccer fans into two 10×15 foot and 7×21 foot murals.

To get into the right mindset, I wore my Timbers-themed outfit, held my own miniature photo shoot and did my best impersonation of a sports fan.

As the 1,201st fan to use this ax, this pose caused a light burning sensation on my tongue that lasted for about three hours. I am not kidding you.

After spending a fair bit of time with the fan photos, the giant grid of Timbers support began to grow on me. I’m not a sports nut, but seeing the range of soccer enthusiasts, from grizzled grandpas to sweet little girls, showed off one of the better sides of sporting culture – solidarity. Here are a few of my favorites… Continue reading “Calling All Timbers Fans!”

Lettering for Hanna Andersson

A few months ago I did some lettering for Hanna Andersson’s spring catalog and retail environments. In their own words, “Hanna Andersson makes soft, quality basics inspired by our Swedish heritage”…and some rad striped pajamas in sizes for the whole family!

The client wanted a playful messy script that didn’t look like a font. I always enjoy working with custom type and letters, so this project was right up my alley. After completing the phrases using a brush pen, they were traced so they could be used at a large scale in-store.