Fish Bonanza, Now We’re Talking

When I saw this painting at the Hamburg Art Museum, I felt like I had met a kindred spirit. After seeing about 200 paintings about crucifixion, I was finally among artists who understood my obsessions. A two-month long binge on tuna melt sandwiches – YES! Mackerel in tomato sauce – YES! Pickled herring by the pound – YES! Fried and breaded fish – YES! Octopus rings – YES! (Well, technically there aren’t any octopus in the picture, but a girl can dream).

lots of fish resting on newspaper
Large Still Life with Fish, 1927, by Max Beckmann.

My Plans for March 10, 2011.

When Kate Bingaman Burt asked if I could come in and speak with her graphic design students at Portland State University, I said “Sure!”. Growing up in a one-horse town, I remember the excitement of having visitors come to tell us Real Life Stories of Grandeur from the World Out There.

Actually, nobody ever came to visit us in my one-horse town, but I wish they had. Which is why next March 10, 2011, I’ll be one of the many illustrious show-and-tell participants at PSU. It’s never too late to learn something new…I’m sure I will, come next March.

Poster design by Frank Chimero.

Denmark, Country of Smiles and Peace

While visiting Denmark this summer I went to Den Gamle By in Arhus where there was a travel poster display. “Genkendelsens Glæde” is a collection of classic Danish posters from the 20s-90s. When we walked unknowingly into the exhibition hall I heard my sister say “Uh, oh, we’re going to be here forever…”. I only wish. Below is one of the better pictures I could take, and also a good summation of my childhood memories of this tiny country.

Danish Tourism Poster: Denmark, Country of Smiles and Peace - a young girl riding on the front of a woman's bicycle

The Danish Poster Museum has a partial digital archive of the collection, as well as some reproductions of various posters in large format postcards that are for sale.

Fly Like an Eagle, New Guitar Logo, Fly!

Sometimes a client knows exactly what they want, and we can get right down to business! When I recently worked with Pro Guitar Shop to create some merchandising logos, the direction from the client was wings, wings, and more wings! It’s the same thing I chant when I go out to dinner with Jen, so it wasn’t hard to get into the mindset. Plus, drawing lots of wings is a nice illustrator workout for designers.

Drawing inspiration from retro signage, hotrods, and vintage cars and of course guitar parts (all things the main audience would dig), I created a few winged logos for Pro Guitar Shop to use on their wares. Below are the two final logos.

It's a neckless least it has wings to get around.

The Guitar Pick Grill, where guitars and cars mingle over shakes and curly fries.