Olukai Sandals

Olukai’s box and hang tag design for high-end sandals includes no-glue assembly and wrap around ocean scene. Chipboard construction with a papyrus texture and intentionally offset printing create a casual island feel to go with the Hawaiian name, which translates loosely to “comfortable ocean”. Part of the proceeds from the Rabbit Kekai signature sandal were donated to the Rabbit Kekai Foundation.

Project Scope: sandal packaging, hangtags, website, advertising, posters, product logos

Designed while at Morrow McKenzie Design

Lemonade Stand

As participants of Restaurant Day in Copenhagen, summer 2013, Australian designer Carli Hyland and I developed a branded lemonade stand with three homemade recipes for customers to purchase: lavender, strawberry, and cucumber. Glasses were mixed upon ordering and served in our pennant lined tent on a cold and rainy August day.

Project Scope: stand design and signage, wayfinding, labels, recipes, promotional materials, video

Animation by Jip Jip, video sound by EarsCanSee.

View the video “Lemonade Rocket”.

Goodie Monster

What once was an old, junk-filled vending machine is now the Goodie Monster: the happiest vending machine on Earth. Constructed out of green fur and felt with a snowy mural in the background featuring pears that fly south for the winter. The Goodie Monster only serves healthy, tasty snacks that are good for you. And he makes you smile.

Created in collaboration with Mark Jacobs.

Visit Website

Read more about the making of the first ever Goodie Monster.


Wilder is a new housing community on the coast of Oregon in Newport. Built for the people who live and work there, Wilder focuses on a neighborhood feel. The developers are dedicated to building sustainably, from raw materials to eco-swales and solar panels. Their collateral uses a conceptual illustration of the sea that is juxtaposed against the modern green leanings of the developer’s vision. Printed collateral does double duty to conserve resources: trifold business cards serve as a mini promotional tool and the letterhead is folded and sealed with a sticker to bypass using envelopes.

Project Scope: website, brochure, stationery, business card

Designed while at Sockeye Creative, copywriting by Jim Terry, logo by John Fisher

Energy Trust of Oregon

A rebrand in 2008 helped position Energy Trust as a friendly, credible expert for Oregonians in the energy efficiency field. Brand efforts included a fall campaign, messaging, templates for brochures, datasheets, bill inserts, a website redesign and extensive brand guidelines. Collateral focused on presenting information clearly with jargon free language and natural lifestyle photography.

Designed while at Sockeye Creative