New Site!

Check out my new website! New content, new design!

The last iteration of this website was launched in 2010 when I started my freelance career (or as I like to call it, being an independent designer). It showcased the work I had done over the course of 5 years while working at Sockeye Creative and Morrow McKenzie Design in Portland, Oregon. My years spent there gave me a great start in doing the work I love and let me learn so much. The site was also built for small screens, when retina displays were a thing of the future and responsive design wasn’t super mainstream. When I realized the time spent designing independently was greater than my time spent at agencies, I knew it was time to update the Bureau online.

The new site focuses on both technical updates (big images, responsive design, portfolio sorting) as well as the work I’ve done independently (although it still has a few of my favorite projects from my agency days). Since 2010, I’ve gained a lot of experience in managing projects, working directly with clients, illustrating in different styles, and working abroad for almost 3 years in Copenhagen, Denmark. Looking back, quite a lot has happened…

I published 550 blog posts in that time (almost all of it original content), and opened 178 job tickets. The blog effort includes over 75 pioneer rabbit illustrations and a whole slew of outfits as well as creating a pop-up adult lemonade stand and outfitting a vending machine to look like a monster. I also illustrated not one but two entire books, developed my lettering skills (proof A and proof B), and completed perhaps one of my favorite projects to date – branding a new ice cream product. In the middle of that I had a baby (once) and moved transcontinentally (twice). Sometimes I wish there was more time for napping.

All of that to say, I’m very proud to share my work with you in its most recent incarnation – I hope you enjoy it!

(Thanks to Monumental for the technical side of the website making process!)

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