I Went to Europe and Then I Came Back.

Here are some photo selects from my travels through Hornbæk, Gilleleje, København, Arhus, Skødshoved, Ålborg, Sønder Hostrup, Flensberg, Aabenraa, Vrå, Jegind Ø, Hamberg and Amsterdam. Yeah I know, try saying Vrå ten times and you’ll end up with a sprained tongue.

Summer house in Hornbæk.
The crown above the name indicates royalty uses this house.
A family portrait. Not mine.

Summer house on Jegind Ø.
Just your average windmill to horse ratio.
There was a crooked house...
...that was really crooked.
Fleet Week in Amsterdam.
Summer house at Skødshoved.
The red pointers are underwater mines that the Germans dropped during WWII.
Street sign in Sjælland.
Poster exhibit in Arhus at Den Gamle By.
Everywhere you turn there is a tower.
An old street in Ålborg.
Street in Amsterdam; the beams at the top of the houses are used with ropes to pull furniture up to the second and third floors.

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