Photos from Danmark, Issue VIII – Lisbon Snaps

On a recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal I discovered one of God’s hidden messages – pancakes are holy. Time after time, I came upon artwork of venerated figures, all with a perfectly golden pancake hovering behind their head. The message is clear, pancakes must be made, so expect an uptick in flat doughy transporters of delicious fruits and toppings around my place in the future.

Photos from Danmark, Issue V – A Parisian Interlude

One of the benefits of living in Danmark is the easy access to all those other European countries. Since the country pretty much shuts down in July due to its’ inhabitants strict observance of taking AS MUCH VACATION AS POSSIBLE, I decided to partake as well by spending 5 days in Paris. “Just 5 days off?” my co-workers asked me incredulously. “That’s ALL?”. Yes, and it was fantastic.

Photos from Danmark, Issue IV

Here are some photos from June in Denmark. It was mostly a rainy month, however the camera only came out when there was sun so this representation is very skewed. Otherwise, I’ve set my sights on Frederiksborg Slot as a perfect acquisition for a summer residence. The details are just a formality, but I have yet to hear back from the government on my lowball offer. These things take time.

Photos from Danmark, Issue III

Here are some photos from the month of May in Denmark. It was a tumultuous month so these are little less focused than usual. However, summer is upon us and apparently Danes take the entire month of July off to recover from their 37 hour work weeks and take a break from their company provided meal plans, so look forward to more summer pictures soon!

Photos from Danmark, Issue II

After being in Denmark for about two months now, it’s time for my next photo installment. Since it’s a bit rainy in this northerly northern situated country, going to art museums is a great way to spend time indoors and still do something fun. Here are some outtakes from Charlottenborg Kunsthall and ARKEN, both heavy on modern and contemporary art. And of course a classic Danish summerhouse shot, where the Danes flock to each spring and summer.